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Continuing Medical and Nursing Education

Today, the three organizations have melded their accreditation standards into one set of universal criteria that is more consistent with expectations, and is also more familiar and less intimidating than the initial process.

Joint accreditation is based upon the premise that when organizations are truly veted in improved healthcare delivery, they manifest a collaborative, team-based approach to continuing medical education that is multidisciplinary—designed with several professions in mind. This model of interprofessional collaborative practice (or IPCP, as it has been coined) calls upon organizations to design, implement, and evaluate activities that are “planned by the healthcare team for the healthcare team.”

Here are the joint accreditation eligibility requirements:

• Your program and processes for the healthcare team must have been functional for 18 months.

• At least 25 percent of the total program must be dedicated to the multidisciplinary team

• You are engaged in the joint accreditation process and can demonstrate compliance with the requirements.

The eligibility requirements above and at are clearly stated, but could seem overwhelming. If you are an accredited CME provider, compare what you are already doing to the expectations of the joint accreditation. You may already be more prepared than you think. The following table illustrates most of the major requirements of the ACCME and joint accreditation.

*Due to space limitations, not all requirements are listed here. Please refer to Joint Accreditation Criteria, revised July 2013; effective October 1, 2013.

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