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Macchu Picchu CME TravelWhen we think of a conference we often associate it with a few hours of travel to sit in a small boardroom or audio-visual theatre and enjoy a 4-8 hour, or even a full day, of lecture from experts in our field. We then either take an exam for evaluation purposes or complete worksheets before it’s all over. But nowadays, especially for continuing medical education conferences, physicians and nurses have a lot of choices to choose from in order to acquire their CME credit requirements for the year.

There are a variety of options for medical professionals who are required to attend an annual conference, they can choose to participate in the traditional continuing medical education conference, or they can choose to enjoy a continuing medication education cruise or vacation. They can even attain CME credit-hours in the comfort of their home through interactive online CME conference programs.

Combining a Vacation with your Continuing Education

Just imagine going to Disney land in order to gain CME credits. It’s a fun way of learning and maintaining your license right? But continuing medical education conferences of these types usually go on for only half a day in a conference room, and then you can enjoy the location and tour around for the other half of the day. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone right? You can even bring your family and have a nice long vacation together. But, of course you can only be with them in the afternoon as the conferences are typically held in the morning to early afternoon.

Some Great Vacation Style CME Cruises we have Listed are:

Finding the Latest Continuing Medical Education conferences around the world is easy, just head to our homepage and browse or search. We list the organization that sponsor the conference, the topic at hand or the title of the conference, the CME credits that will be awarded to you, the registration fee of course and if applicable recreation activities that you can enjoy while on the conference. Most websites of these types are updated daily, others weekly so you can be sure that you are updated on the latest CME conferences not only in your state or in your country, but around the globe. A few of them even publish journals to those who eventually become a member of their group. All you have to do is search for your medical field and the dates you can attend in order to find for more information on conferences and their organizations.

Whatever method of learning you choose to complete your CME requirement for the year, whether you choose live conferences, audio, online, PDA, print, video and other means to learn, what is important is that you understand the topic and know how to apply your learning to your profession. Don’t forget to network with other doctors during your continuing medical education conferences too, you never know what you can learn from your peers.

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.. physician or teaching hospital (Covered Recipient) or physician owner/investor, or by an Applicable GPO to a physician owner/investor, for speaking at a continuing medical education (CME) program need not be reported if the following conditions are ..

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