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Graduate Medical Education competencies

The Geisel Medical Education Committee (MEC) recently approved a new set of competencies. These competencies, or learning objectives for the educational program, comprise the knowledge and skills that students need to acquire with the appropriate level of mastery prior to graduation.

In 2003 the MEC voted that the curriculum should be based on six broad areas of competency. The competencies approved were similar to those selected by the American Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), but were made more appropriate for medical students.

In 2005, the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) required all medical schools develop their own competency-based curricula, and in 2009 the requirements became more detailed. DMS, and now Geisel revise the competencies periodically. The latest iteration of the competencies reflects the goals and vision of the proposed curriculum redesign.

Needed: More Doctors in America  — New York Times
The A.M.A. has fought diligently over the years to mitigate physician shortages on a number of fronts, including efforts to expand funding for graduate medical education and to advocate for more residency slots to train physicians in needed specialties ..

Opinion: Right On, IOM -- Reform Needed in GME  — MedPage Today
.. slamming U.S. medical educators for failing to meet minimal training standards for new physicians, which recommended a major overhaul of government funding for graduate medical education. In addition, NEJM published Perspectives pieces on the topic.

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