Graduate Medical Education Coordinator Salary

Program Coordinators play a critical role in operating and optimizing GME programs. Coordinators work closely with Program Directors, trainees, and faculty while juggling a number of activities, including managing people, time and data. The position requires a wide range of skills—from excellent verbal/written communications and interpersonal skills to technical/computer expertise—along with knowledge of increasingly complex educational and regulatory requirements.

The GME Office provides support to Coordinators in a number of ways, including hosting an annual professional development retreat and periodic “Coordinator Exchange” sessions, which offer individual consultation regarding site visit preparation, NI, or other topics; and by providing guidelines and templates to simplify a number of tasks. Many internal resources can be accessed through this page. Additional resources regarding program management responsibilities, shared by Program Directors and Coordinators, can be found in the Program Director section (see link entitled “Accreditation and Administration”).

Program Directors and Coordinators share many of the responsibilities for administration and accreditation. This section of the GME website provides information about accreditation activities and responsibilities.

This section of the GME website offers a listing of GME guidelines and documents that are applicable to all training programs.

This section of the GME website provides a schedule for coordinators’ exchange meetings and handout materials from past meetings.

This section of the GME website provides handouts and presentations from the previous year’s Program Coordinator Annual Retreat.

Educational materials presented at the New Coordinators Retreats which are generally held twice each year.

This section of the GME website contains events of interest to program coordinators and administrators.

Needed: More Doctors in America  — New York Times
The A.M.A. has fought diligently over the years to mitigate physician shortages on a number of fronts, including efforts to expand funding for graduate medical education and to advocate for more residency slots to train physicians in needed specialties ..

Opinion: Right On, IOM -- Reform Needed in GME  — MedPage Today
.. slamming U.S. medical educators for failing to meet minimal training standards for new physicians, which recommended a major overhaul of government funding for graduate medical education. In addition, NEJM published Perspectives pieces on the topic.

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