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While primary care falters in the US, those who teach it seem to feel increasingly poverty stricken. Now it appears that one reason for this is an amazing example of multiple failures of transparency and accountability. Let me work through it, begging your pardon for a little bit of “inside baseball, ” medical education style. The results suggest how we desperately need some medical disciples of Sherlock Holmes.

My personal experience and increasing data suggests that most medical school faculty believe that their teaching is not valued by their institutions because teaching brings in no external funds. In 2004, Dr Catherine DeAngelis, then the editor of JAMA, wrote “few medical schools provide adequate, if any, reimbursement for teaching time.”(1) (See this 2005 post.) This seems absurd on its face, since what are medical schools for if it is not to provide teaching.

However, there is evidence of this mission-hostile behavior. In 2007, we quoted from a revealing interview with Dr Lee Goldman, Executive Vice President for Health and Biomedical Sciences at Columbia University, (2) who stated that “taxpayers, ” faculty who “generate more [money] than they cost, ” are valued most, and implied that faculty who focus on teaching are regarded as “welfare recipients, ” who bring in less external funding, and are valued least. In 2010, we noted the results of a large-scale survey presented by Dr Linda Pololi in which 51% of faculty felt that the administration only valued them for the money that they brought in, and half felt that their institutions did not value teaching.(3)
Yet while faculty seem to believe that educational institutions receive little if any money to pay for teaching, it is not clear why the believe something so counter intuitive, and it is less clear what money actually goes to pay for medical education.

Needed: More Doctors in America  — New York Times
The A.M.A. has fought diligently over the years to mitigate physician shortages on a number of fronts, including efforts to expand funding for graduate medical education and to advocate for more residency slots to train physicians in needed specialties ..

Opinion: Right On, IOM -- Reform Needed in GME  — MedPage Today
.. slamming U.S. medical educators for failing to meet minimal training standards for new physicians, which recommended a major overhaul of government funding for graduate medical education. In addition, NEJM published Perspectives pieces on the topic.

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