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Lincoln Hospital Graduate Medical Education

Robert Eckles, DPM, MPH ( Associate Professor and Dean )

Administrative Coordinator Audrey Negron
Coordinator for Clinical Education Pamela Smith

The Division strives to provide each participating resident with the best possible exposure in the delivery of podiatric medical care. Rotations at institutions (located outside the College and in the Foot Center of New York) provide maximum opportunity to experience and participate in patient treatment and podiatric medical care at the graduate level.

In this connection, the College utilizes its affiliate hospitals so that its residents experience interprofessional teamwork in different hospital settings.

Continuing Education and Services

Continuous study by the podiatric doctor is mandatory in his/her ability to deliver the latest in podiatric treatment care.

Continuing Education presents the opportunity to augment academic and clinical knowledge of practicing podiatric doctors. Seminars, convocations and courses are offered to enhance professional and practical knowledge. Programs are held periodically and offered to alumni and the profession at large. They are of varying length, held in New York City and at locations throughout the country.

Certificates are awarded, and credit given for attendance, upon completion of such programs.

Department of Residency Education and Affiliated Hospitals

Residency in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery with the Added Credential in Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery- PMSR/RRA
Director, Robert Eckles, DPM
Associate Professor

Additional information concerning residency programs may be obtained from the office of Graduate Medical Education. Application Forms are available for all of our residency programs.

Graduate Medical Education

Good Samaritian Hospital
West Islip, NY
Renato Giorgini, DPM
Lincoln Medical Center
Bronx, NY
Anthony Iorio, DPM
Metropolitan Hospital
New York City, NY
Susan M. Rice, DPM
SUNY Downstate Medical Center PMSR/RRA
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Physicians go to med school, which is a grad school, I guess. Then they do residency, which is separate from med school. However, the federal government considers residents students and residency programs are usually done in conjunction with universities and their hospitals. In residency, you are not attending a set of classroom classes, you are not writing papers for professors, you are not performing in a typical school environment. I compare it more to on the job training.

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