Post Graduate Medical Education Cardiff

Cardiff University

£3000 - £6000 depending on requirements

Course objectives:
This is a highly interactive, online, part-time, distance-learning programme designed to equip the general practitioner with a sound understanding of skin disease as it presents in practice. The course aims are twofold: to provide course participants with a basic understanding of primary care clinical dermatology and to enable GPs to successfully manage dermatological problems in patients presenting to their surgeries.

Target audience:
GPs, Dermatology trainees

Topics covered:
he course is divided into three main semesters and starts each year in September. For students in the UK and Ireland there is a two-day (Friday and Saturday) intensive study meeting held in Cardiff in September. For international students there is a two-day (Saturday and Sunday) intensive study meeting held in September/October in Hong Kong (subject to demand).


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