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International Medical Education Funding

There are many different opportunities for funding at USAID. Be sure to review the latest business and grant opportunities and review our business forecast for Washington, DC and our Missions.

Below are several other programs that we manage.

The Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad provides grants to competitively selected private, non-profit universities and secondary schools, libraries, and medical centers abroad. Since the inception of the program, ASHA has assisted 257 institutions in over 76 countries, and facilitated the development and sustainment of superior libraries, schools, and medical centers, positively impacting the regions where these institutions are located.

The Child Survival and Health Grants Program (CSHGP) promotes a unique and productive partnership with U.S. private voluntary (PVOs) and non-profit organizations and their in-country partners. The program supports effective community-based maternal and child health programs that contribute to reducing infant, child, maternal and infectious disease-related mortality and morbidity in developing countries.

PVOs and their local partners provide high quality, sustainable child survival and health interventions in a variety of program settings, from the smallest, most remote communities to large, district- wide programs, partnering with community groups and district and national health authorities.

The Denton Program allows private U.S. citizens and U.S. based non-governmental organizations to use space available on U.S. military cargo planes to transport humanitarian items such as clothing, food, medical and educational supplies, agricultural equipment and vehicles to countries in need. The program is jointly administered by USAID, the Department of State (DOS), and the Department of Defense (DoD). In FY 2003, over 300, 000 pounds of humanitarian goods were sent to seven countries through the Denton program.

Since the Denton program is a space available program, it is impossible to predict when transportation will materialize. Therefore, no guarantees can be made regarding completion of a shipment. Although the program is active in most areas of the world, U.S. military engagement in certain places can have an impact on the space that becomes available.

The Development Grants Program is a competitive small grants program, initiated in 2008, that provides opportunities for organizations that have limited or no experience managing direct USAID grants. DGP was designed to expand the number of direct partnerships and to build the capacity of organizations to better meet the needs of their constituents. Successful applicants receive awards for $2 million or less to implement activities over a three-year period.

USAID launched Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) as a way of producing development outcomes more effectively and cost-efficiently while managing risk and obtaining leverage. Through DIV, USAID seeks to identify and rigorously test promising projects with the potential to significantly (rather than incrementally) improve development outcomes, and help replicate and scale projects that are proven successful. DIV expects its most successful of investments will have an accelerated growth path to reach tens of millions of beneficiaries worldwide within 10 years.

Disparities In Access To Palliative Care  — Health Affairs
Postgraduate training opportunities for all disciplines involved in providing palliative care, such as graduate medical education slots, should be increased.

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