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The Maine Medical Education Foundation (MMEF) Loan Program was established in 1959 by the Maine Medical Association (MMA) to make loans available to Maine residents enrolled in or accepted to approved medical schools. Over the past 50 years, over $5 million has been loaned to deserving medical students. These loans can be used to fill the gap between federal loan programs and the full cost of education.

Benefits of a MMEF Loan

  • No fees
  • No interest accrues while in school
  • Low, fixed interest rate during loan repayment
  • Free membership in the American Medical Association while in school
  • Free membership in the Maine Medical Association while in school
  • High-quality customer service center located in Maine
  • Extended residency period– Students may now defer principal payments for up to five years after graduation from medical school.
  • Deferment of interest payments– Students will receive optional interest statements during this five year period.
  • Repayment period extended– Ten year term begins when the loan enters full repayment of principal and interest.

Terms & Eligibility

  • Maine residents accepted by or enrolled in approved medical schools
  • Must be a member of the American Medical Association and the Maine Medical Association
  • No loan fees
  • Loan amounts range from $2, 000 up to the full cost of education
  • Checks are payable to the student and mailed directly to the address listed on the application
  • Application deadline: May 1st of award year
  • Student must be pursuing a degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)

Interest Rate

  • No interest accrues while the student is in school at least halftime
  • Low, fixed interest rate of 5%* during repayment
  • Tiered interest rate while student is in residency program (up to 5 years)
Year Interest Rate
1st 1%
2nd 3%
3rd – 5th 5%

Repayment Options

  • No payment due while the student is enrolled at least halftime in medical school.
  • Optional interest-only statements sent during residency period. Students are strongly encouraged to make payments during this time to reduce the overall cost of repaying this loan.
  • No later than 5 years following graduation from medical school, repayment will begin in equal quarterly installments.
  • 10 year repayment term– full repayment begins after the residency period expires or a student ceases to be enrolled in medical school.
  • Forbearance periods allowed for up to 24 months on a case-by-case basis.


Student Loan Specialists, located in Maine, are ready to assist at:

Mail or fax the application to:

c/o Maine Education Services

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