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kim in Chicago, Illinois said: I'm looking for scholarships to attend Career Step for medical transcription career. Since, I'm on disability I have no funds left to pay the $250 a month cost to complete the course. Any ideas?

Have you researched the current employment prospects for newbie medical transcriptionists? You may succeed in getting someone to pay for your course, but you may just end up wasting other people's money on training that will not get you a job.

There are fewer and fewer MT jobs available and thousands of well-trained, experienced MTs looking for work. They will be your competition. Do you think the training you are considering will be sufficient to make an employer select you over them? Do you have other skills to bring to the table to make you competitive with more experienced candidates? Most employers currently require at least a year of experience (school does not count as experience) from applicants, many require 2 years and some as much as 5 years. They can ask for that because there are plenty of MTs who can meet that requirement.

If there is anything else you are interested in doing, you might want to consider a different path to employment. MT is not an easy career field for a newbie to get into these days.

- Was this comment helpful? / (editing transcribed reports) from an AHDI approved school. Machines still can't 100% accurately transcribe reports (with different accents, ways to pronounce words, and ESL) so an MT editor is needed to do this. This is how the career path has evolved. Then I would get the Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist (RHDS) certification through AHDI. It's not required but is an extra credential to put on your resume. Then apply for jobs. AHDI has job search resources and there is a good list of medical transcription companies at Also look...

Prentice Hall Medical Language: Susan M. Turley (Paperback, 2006) 1st
BISS (Prentice Hall)
  • ISBN-10: 0130940097
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