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Emergency Medical Education grants

Annually, approximately $6.7 million in funding is available for improving and expanding Colorado’s Emergency Medical and Trauma Services (EMTS) system. Of this, $500, 000 will be set aside for education grants through the Colorado Resource for Emergency and Trauma Education (CREATE) program, and $150, 000 will be set aside for emergency grants. Up to 10% of the total grant funds available can be awarded as system improvement funding, approximately $670, 000, and the rest is available for EMTS provider grant awards.

FY16 Incentive Category

Calling all ideas for a possible EMTS provider grant incentive category! If you feel there is an area that would benefit from an automatically reduced match in the provider grant application, complete the questionnaire below and email them to Jeanne-Marie Bakehouse by 5 p.m. on May 30, 2014. Use the scoring tool below as a guide. All submitted ideas will be discussed, vetted and scored by the SEMTAC Public Policy and Finance Committee at their July 9 meeting.


Funds are available on a reimbursement basis to organizations that have the provision of EMS and trauma services as their primary purpose. This includes EMS agencies, facilities, clinics, fire agencies, training centers, community colleges and other public and private providers of emergency medical and trauma services in Colorado.

Please click below for more information on the different types of funding available.

Grant Application Categories

  • Ambulances and Other Vehicles
  • Communications
  • Data Collection
  • EMS and Trauma Equipment
  • Injury Prevention
  • Personnel and Services
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Other

A 50% match is required, and there is a financial waiver process for organizations that cannot meet the match.

Following grant submission, applicants will be invited to participate in several hearings where the applications will be scored. The remaining FY15 provider grant hearings and dates are:

Please refer to the FY15 Provider Grant Scoring Tool and the FY15 Evaluator Guide for information on how your grant request will be scored. More information regarding the hearings will be released closer to these dates.

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