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Marianne Pavia Picture Preventing Infection Transmission: Moving Toward Ideal Practice
PACE® Credit available until October 21, 2014 | Florida Laboratory Credit available for live session only
Each year, 1.7 million healthcare acquired infections in the US result in $20 billion in preventable costs. Superbugs are overtaking intensive care units with no new antimicrobials on the horizon. To eliminate the transmission and proliferation of these organisms, many facilities are now mandated to state report infection rates and to promote the appropriate use of antimicrobials through antimicrobial stewardship. This webinar will provide creative, evidence based, cost-effective, and practical strategies that meet the spirit of regulatory agency oversight to prevent healthcare associated infections.

Webinar labConventional practices will be questioned to ultimately improve patient outcomes and prevent wasted dollars while creating a forum that promotes confidence and empowers healthcare professionals to be open-minded, intellectually nimble and capable of assimilating new infection prevention ideas into the fabric of their organization. These ideas will be based on the latest information and research available in the healthcare setting and will facilitate the creation of a safer world through prevention of infection.

This session will:
• Analyze the principles, practices and regulations associated with infection prevention in a health care setting
• Explore the route of infection in the health care setting from its source to the susceptible host
• Discuss the evidence based methods to break the chain of infection and prevent transmission in the health care setting
• Clarify the role of point of care instrument disinfection to prevent the spread of infection
• Develop creative strategies to adapt infection prevention processes to a variety of settings

Ruth Carrico photoThis webinar has been made possible through an educational grant from Abbott Diabetes Care.

Marianne Pavia, MT(ASCP), CLS, CIC
Director of Infection Prevention
Employee Health and Laboratory Services
St. Mary's Hospital
Marianne presented her successes in infection prevention at APIC National, The National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutes, and several long term care conferences throughout the state of NY.
Marianne won the APIC 2012 Leadership Award and received her Masters of Science in Human Service Leadership from St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn, NY. Cross-Contamination Risks at the Point of Care: Can They be Controlled?
According to CDC, healthcare associated infections cost between $35 - 45 billion in 2007, and result in significantly longer hospital stays.A major contributor to these infections is cross-contamination...
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