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Pfizer grants Medical Education

Pfizer partners with many medical, scientific, patient and civic organizations to support their programs and activities, such as health education and scientific research. This support takes many forms, including grants, charitable contributions and partnerships for efforts that strengthen communities, and work toward a healthier world. Working with these organizations allows Pfizer to better understand the needs of the patients who take our medicines, while helping these medical, scientific and patient organizations inform and address the needs of those they serve.

Pfizer is committed to the principle of transparency — the disclosure of activities reflecting participation in efforts of public interest. These include such areas as funding for educational activities, the status of Pfizer's U.S. pharmaceutical post-marketing commitments, Pfizer's pipeline of experimental medicines, the registration and reporting of results of clinical trials, political contributions in the U.S. and payments to U.S. health care professionals. Here, we report grants and charitable contributions made by Pfizer to medical, scientific and patient organizations based in the U.S., including Puerto Rico. Pfizer began disclosing this information in 2008. During 2009, Pfizer began disclosing funding requests for healthcare-related support to civic organizations. In 2010, Pfizer began reporting legacy Wyeth programs.

The information reported here includes grants to support independent medical education, support for fellowship, scholarship and visiting professorship programs, grants to patient organizations, medical and scientific associations, and academic or other medical centers, charitable contributions, and healthcare-related support to civic organizations.

In addition, funding activities made by the Pfizer Foundation are aggregated and reported in an annual IRS 990 filing. This information is available on the Web site

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