Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Medical educational grants

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals: Grants and Sponsorships

Funding will not be approved for:

Programs whose content is deemed to be medically or scientifically inappropriate

  • Promotional programs
  • Programs that have already occurred (applications must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the scheduled event/program)

Medical Education Grants

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals may support bona fide independent medical education grants to third-party organizations or institutions for sponsoring an educational program or other activity that may provide a legitimate public health or patient care benefit. A program supported by an educational grant is for scientific and educational purposes only.

Charitable Contributions

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals will consider charitable contribution requests from nonprofit organizations that are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt public charities including those that:

  • Advance education efforts in the area of oncology and hematology
  • Seek to raise awareness of oncology/hematology disease states and their treatment
  • Improve the lives of people affected by cancer by providing resources and improved care to patients and their loved ones


Sponsorships are those activities where there is a promotional or branded aspect for Spectrum Pharmaceuticals or its products.

Spectrum will consider Sponsorship requests made for support of independent organizations and activities that seek to raise awareness or advance education or research efforts in the area of oncology/hematology, such as:

  • Awareness/Fundraising events (Walks, Rides, etc.)
  • Galas and Award Programs
  • Roundtable Discussions or larger meetings (20 or more health care professionals)

How to Apply

Your application must contain sufficient detail to allow evaluation by the Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Medical Education Department. Incomplete applications will not be considered and insufficient detail may result in significant delay of evaluation. A member of the Medical Education Grants Office may contact you if additional information is required.

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals: Grants and Sponsorships Please note that you may need to add sppirx.com to your address book to prevent emails regarding your application from being filtered as junk email or spam. Please contact the Medical Education Grants Office at 949-413-2683 if you have questions while completing your submission.


Medical education grant funding priorities are outlined below.


  • Accredited continuing education programs (CME, CPE, etc.)
  • Programs of highest quality
  • (content, faculty, etc.) that meet specific educational needs
  • Programs open to the widest range of individuals
  • Multi-sponsored programs
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