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I felt a lot better after getting a full night of sleep. I was talking to D-Doc about that yesterday. I cannot regulate my sleeping habits for more than a week’s time. I can plan to go to bed at 10 p.m. all I want, but I often find myself staying up until 4 a.m. bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. My current mood is blah and only slightly productive.

I found a legitimate and accredited medical billing & coding program to take. I had a nice conversation with the Department of Education today. During such a conversation, I told them what was going on with some of the schools, and I asked them not to release any funds on my behalf to any school of any kind. I don’t want any more student loans. Many schools are playing this big game with the government and with poor students to cheat them out of large amounts of money. It’s not cool at all. As I said before, they charge students an inflated tuition that equals the maximum Pell Grant plus the max student loan for which the student is eligible. That leaves the student owing about $10, 000 or more for a course that only really costs a couple thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the school pockets $12, 000 that they don’t deserve, and the students are left in debt for the rest of their lives. Not cool at all. Please be careful if you are thinking of attending school. Just about anyone can obtain student loans, and these rip-off schools know this.

The program that I found on my own has a $3, 000 tuition. There are no extra charges for the books, and they would give me a voucher to take my exam for free when I’m finished. Additionally, the school would help me to obtain a coding job at the end of the course. No guarantee, but they will help. They teach ICD-9 and ICD-10 along with several other items that I don’t yet understand, lol.

They have a flexible payment plan that involves a low down payment and monthly installments. They don’t mess with the government at all. I will put myself through school when I’m ready to do such. Right now, I am not well enough to attend any school, but I want to try before the healthcare market changes in 2015. It’s a very exciting opportunity, and I may be able to do that kind of job with my disability. I would like to do coding for a hospital, but I would be able to work from home, as well. As I said before, disabled individuals can try to go back out there in the workforce for a certain amount of months and see if they can make it. I’m not opposed to trying something that is more behind the scenes and less likely to cause a meltdown, but again, there are no guarantees.

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