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Medical guidelines and research can be dry, and PowerPoint presentations are a known snooze fest! So, it can be tedious for working physicians to keep up with what's new. Two Jefferson University Hospital doctors are offering their fellow physicians a different way to learn - and their approach was inspired by public radio.

"We love car talk, " confessed Howard Weitz, director of the division of cardiology at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. "I have learned more from the Tappet brothers than most college professors I had." Together with Geno Merli, Co-Director of the Jefferson vascular Center, Weitz hosts an online medical TV show called "The Consult Guys." The two doctors have been friends and colleagues for over three decades, and their easy banter is part of their program.

"We have walked away from the traditional approach to education, we're communicating with our learners in a funny and comfortable environment, " said Merli. "We make learning sticky, so it stays in your head."

The "Consult Guys" got its start at a national conference for physicians several years ago, when the American College of Physicians asked the two docs to "do something fun" at their national meeting.

"We put together a one-hour session, with made-up questions, and made up call-ins, but the questions related to real doctor-patient issues, " recalled Weitz. "It was a riot."

Merli and Weitz continued to do their show as a live event for several years, and the College of Physicians has started to distribute a video version of their shtick. Viewers can get credit for continuing medical education if they take a short quiz after watching a segment.

Each segment answers one question. "We research the medical literature, we look for areas of controversy and practice change, " exlained Merli. The team also solicits questions from their audience.

Merli says that the questions they get are very focused. "For example, when you have an MRI, and you have a prosthetic heart valve, is it safe to have an MRI?" The two doctors then research the answers in the medical literature, and present their findings in a conversational way, sprinkled with humor.

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