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Strand 1: How to write a research question - Jane Stewart & Jean McKendree

A good research question is essential to focus your research so the project is achievable. This means choosing a question that is:

  • neither too broad or too narrow,
  • actually researchable, and
  • passes the “so what” test

The workshop will be interactive. We will introduce a pragmatic but systematic approach to apply to new research ideas to turn them into good research questions. The “raw material” for this workshop will be participants’ own research ideas.

Strand 2: Introduction to statistics – Katherine Woolf

Statistics can strike fear into the hearts of many new researchers. However, depending on your research question and methodology, statistical analysis may be a necessity (or a necessary evil!). This workshop is designed for those who need to know how statistics work, but assumes no expert knowledge. It will cover levels of measurement and provide an introduction to the first basic steps of statistical analysis, using descriptive and inferential statistics.

Advanced Workshops

Strand 3: E and M Research: Carrying out research online- Henry Potts

We increasingly hear about e-learning and now m-learning (learning using mobile phones and other devices), but how do we carry out research on and in this new virtual environment. And are there useful e- and m-techniques for investigating learning in traditional contexts? This workshops explores different ways of carrying out online learning, including using log data, analysing online content, carrying out interviews by e-mail or Skype, and online questionnaires. We will also consider using mobile phones in research.

Strand 4: Integrating theory into study designs: How can research in medical education have greater impact on practice? How can practice inform theory development? - Sarah Yardley & Lin Norton

If you have ever asked ‘how can research in medical education have a greater impact on practice?’ or ‘How can practice inform theory development?’ then this workshop is for you. We propose that a bi-directional approach to the simultaneous use of theory to guide and interrogate empirical data and the use of empirical data to refine theory through an action research framework, may be a way forward. ‘The fundamental purpose of pedagogical action research is to systematically investigate one’s own teaching/learning facilitation practice with the dual aim of modifying practice and contributing to theoretical knowledge’.

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Excise dept inspects chemist shops  — Hindustan Times
.. under supervision of UT assistant excise and taxation commissioner RC Bhalla, carried out inspection at Kumar Brothers in Sector 11, Trilok Chemist at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Gupta Agencies in Sector 24 ..

Fake research at PGI: Journal starts its own investigation  — Hindustan Times
A leg of a three-year-old child got paralysed while the doctors of the cardiolo gy de par tment were allegedly performing an angiography at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh. According to a complaint.

Fired with zeal to heal the mind and spirit  — Hindustan Times
He started the psychiatry department at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, in 1963 and was its head from 1968.

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What is Educational Research?

Educational research is typically defined and explained as research that is conducted in order to find out patterns of behavior in teachers, students, and members of a school system

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