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Medical Education Training Associates

EMT-Training Associates is a duly recognized Training Organization that was established in 1980 and is still providing continuing educational programs for all levels of registered Emergency Medical Technicians.
EMT-Training Associates is approved by the State of Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services and has also been recognized and approved by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Services for providing Continuing Education Training Programs.

EMT-Training Associates is N.A.T.A Board of Certification Approved for all Live Programs and is recognized by the "Board of Certification" to offer Continuing Education Credits for Certified Athletic Trainers.

NURSING C.E.U.'s may be obtained when attending EMT-TA's Medical Training Seminars.

EMT-Training Associates is a recognized Community Training Center for the American Heart Association and is an authorized provider of CPR and ECC courses since 1985.

Registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Federal Government as a non-profit Training Organization.

IOM Graduate Medical Education Report: Better Aligning GME Funding With ..  — Health Affairs
The report and recommendations recognize and build upon the existing infrastructure overseeing medical education, training, credentialing and licensure.

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We look forward to supporting health practitioners through high-quality, interactive medical education training programs that improve patient outcomes and increase ROI for health systems.” As the program continues, additional clinical conditions will ..

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