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Zimmer Institute: World-Class Medical Training and Education

The Zimmer Institute provides world-class medical training and education courses. It offers orthopaedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals a full range of medical education opportunities, including BioSkills Training and Surgeon-to-Surgeon programs. In over 10 years of operation, The Zimmer Institute has trained over 100, 000 surgeons.

Today’s orthopedic surgeons have spent years acquiring specialized knowledge and experience. Surgical education is by definition a life-long process, beginning with a solid training period and followed by extensive continuing medical education throughout their careers.

While Zimmer has been providing industry-leading medical education courses for decades, the Zimmer Institute was born out of a need to develop physician training and education to learn Minimally Invasive Solutions (MIS) Technology, a specialty Zimmer developed in 2001. Today, the Zimmer Institute provides cadaveric training and interactive education on Zimmer’s products and technologies across all product segments on a global basis. The Institute’s education enables surgeons to gain new knowledge, develop new skills which optimize patient outcomes and help patients get back to daily activities as fast as possible.

The Zimmer Institute developed exclusive “learner-centered” content, educating surgeons on exactly what they need to know to perform their work. The tailored, interactive training courses feature a collaborative learning environment with hands-on offerings. Courses go deep into specific products or procedures, not only educating surgeons on safe and effective use, but explaining how every step helps reduce recovery time.

The Zimmer Institute makes a commitment to stay at the forefront of professional medical education. Our physician training courses feature an excellent faculty-to-student ratio, incorporate the latest technology, promote interaction with faculty trainers and encourage participant collaboration. Courses are offered at convenient locations worldwide, minimizing the time participants spend away from their practice. In addition, our online medical education courses provide surgeons with access at a convenient time and place.

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