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Medical Education Training HSE

  1. The HSE’s legislative responsibilities in medical education and training are met appropriately. These responsibilities are set out in the Health Act 2004 and the Medical Practitioners Act 2007.
  2. Government policy and HSE strategies for the development of medical education are appropriately implemented.
  3. The current and future needs of the public health service, in terms of medical training and specialist medicine workforce planning, are addressed, in order to ensure safe, quality patient care.
  4. The HSE plays a central role in the organisation, structure, management, coordination and funding of medical education and training in Ireland.
  5. Resources for the support and delivery of medical education and training in the Irish public health service are managed in a coordinated, cost effective manner.
  6. The medical education and training system reflects, and is responsive to, the changing needs of the health service on a national and ongoing basis.

Medical Education and Training Hub

On this hub you can learn more about medical training in Ireland and the work of the Medical Education and Training (MET) Unit, including the programmes and scholarships which are supported by the Unit. The hub provides regular updates for trainees and trainers on various aspects of medical training.

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