Medical Education & Training Orissa

Directorate of Medical Education & Training (DMET) Orissa has been establishment as Head of department during 1975 like other Heads of Department in the state. The aims and About of the Organisation is to improve the “Education” in the field of Medical Science and impart training to medical personnel in the state which involves under graduate, post graduate medical students, training of paramedical & Nursing personnel (both in degree& diploma ) and other related health programme. About The back ground of its establishment is to improve and close monitoring of the following institutions being the supervising Head of the Department.

  1. Offices of the Principal of three (3) Medical Colleges.
  2. Offices of the Superintendent of three (3) Medical College Hospitals.
  3. Office of the Vice Principal of Dental wing.
  4. Office of the Superintendent, SVP. PGIP, Cuttack.
  5. Office of the Superintendent, M.H.I. Cuttack.
  6. Office of the Prog. Director (s) post partum programme.
  7. Offices of the Associate Prof. of three (3) R.H.Cs.
  8. Office of the Principal College of Burning.
  9. Office of the Principal Tutor, School of Nursing.
Allocation of business. Allocation of Organisation is to keep official records of its employees working in the above mentioned offices and the official business in the field of education & training in medical sciences covering all rules of O.S.C., O.G.F.R, O.M.E.S. & O.S.C. (CCA) Rule 1962 & Government Servant Conduct Rules etc. All training of health programmes conducting different committees like authorization committee of Human Organ Transplantation, D.S.C. for “Higher Medical Education”, Medical Board of the State Appellate Medical Board, Nursing Board, Governing Body of the Medical Colleges and its attached hospitals, member of Swasthya Vikash Samiti of Medical Colleges and Hospitals, AHRCC (Ctc) and one of the member of Western Orissa Development Council. Beside D.M.E.T. (O) is the controlling officer in respect of all medical colleges.
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