Medical Educational Training Manikins

Training manikins and simulators are a vital part of medical professional training. From life support manikins to IV training arms, geriatric nursing manikins to procedural simulators, Anatomy Warehouse offers a huge range of training aids for educational purposes. Our extensive collection of casualty and emergency medicine simulators are useful to aid training for EMTs, nurses, medical professionals, fire and rescue teams, police, and many, many more. Chances are, if you’ve ever taken a CPR course, you’ve used a manikin or trainer that we carry!

Train Like A Pro with our Manikins & Simulators:

Intensive training and competency is a must for EMTs, nurses, doctors, military personnel and anyone else in the medical field. Obtaining volunteers for hands-on training can be tough, though. What’s the best way to prepare for the unpredictable? Manikins and simulators, of course!

Educating and improving the competency of health-care providers is no easy task. It demands a wide range of the highest quality training tools that meet the most varied training requirements.

With simulators, manikins, CPR trainers, and a wide variety of accessories, we can provide a complete array of educational solutions. Our prime selection of manikins and patient simulators help medical educators develop fast, diverse and effective responses in their students.

Chang Bioscience Demonstration Human Manikin for Nursing Medical Training, Female, Life Size
BISS (Chang Bioscience)
  • Demonstration human manikin for nursing

IOM Graduate Medical Education Report: Better Aligning GME Funding With ..  — Health Affairs
The report and recommendations recognize and build upon the existing infrastructure overseeing medical education, training, credentialing and licensure.

NYU Langone Medical Center Partners with Education Leader Kaplan, Inc., to ..  — Newswise
We look forward to supporting health practitioners through high-quality, interactive medical education training programs that improve patient outcomes and increase ROI for health systems.” As the program continues, additional clinical conditions will ..

Basic Buddy Basic Buddy CPR Manikin (Pack of 5)
BISS (Basic Buddy)
  • Five manikin torso and head models for teaching adult and child CPR life-saving techniques
  • 50 one-piece disposable lung and mouth protection bags used for sanitation
  • Open-mouth airway allows a visible chest rise when proper CPR technique and the head tilt and chin lift methods are applied
  • Anatomically correct manikins with a xiphoid process that can be used as an anatomical reference point for hand placement and compressions
  • Carrying bag fits five fully assembled manikins for ease of transport
Tasa Weighted Patient Care Manikin
Single Detail Page Misc (Tasa)
  • The Weighted Patient Care Manikin is designed to meet the needs of hospitals, nursing homes, and educational facilities in training primary patient care.
  • Made of durable cast-vinyl over a steel cable frame, the lifesize manikin has fully articulated limbs and torso for flexibility.
Simulaids Simulaids - Adult Airway Management Trainer
BISS (Simulaids)
  • MPN: 501
  • Authentic Simulaids product!
  • Made in the United States
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