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About the Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education

The Medical Centre for Postgraduate Education (MCPE) is an independent institution of higher learning and research. Its main aims are: postgraduate training and education of physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and other health care specialists with university education, co-ordination of medical postgraduate education in Poland, research in the field of medical science, health care and specialist diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation techniques.

The teaching and research activities of MCPE are being implemented in five faculties: Faculty of Basic Science
Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Faculty of Family Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry and Pharmacy
School of Public Health and Social Medicine
Department of Medical Training The diagnostic, therapeutic or preventive treatment services are offered at two hospitals - W. Orlowski Memorial Hospital in Warsaw and A. Gruca memorial Hospital in Otwock near Warsaw, as well as at eight clinics at various Warsaw hospitals.

MCPE in co-operation with medical academies, universities, research institutes, scientific societies and the medical chambers prepares a central programme for postgraduate education, participates in setting up specialized examinations.

The total number of employees is 651, including 322 university teachers, 39 professors and 14 associate professors.

In the academic year 1997-98 MCPE organized and co-ordinated 937 specialized courses with the participation of 22 899 persons. The title of a second degree specialist was conferred to 4477 persons.

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