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National Postgraduate Medical Education

The medical community represented by professional guild of Kyiv physicians with its leaders - graduates of medical faculty of St. Volodymyr University (M. A. Levyts’kyi, O. Z. Lazariev, Ye. L. Sklovs’kyi, H. B. Bykhovs’kyi, I. I. Frumin and others) laid the foundation of the Clinical Institute for Advanced Training of Physicians (1918). In spite of the adversity and difficulties of those times they considered organization of advanced training for physicians to be an overriding objective and became one of the founders of the new institution and its first professors.

A steering committee elected by the Guild of Physicians became the core for the Institute formation. The committee carried out considerable work “to design sections of the Institute, equip and arrange medical offices, invite consulting physicians, lecturers, tutors, out-patient department physicians for involvement in the activity of the Institute … on 2 August, 1918 the committee took a chance to open a demonstrative clinical out-patient department (13 Shevchenko boulevard) in all specialities as well as day and night out-patient departments for domiciliary aid” (the Central State Archive of the Superior Authorities and Administration of Ukraine. Fund 166, case № 421, p.90, 1921-1922).

In that way 95 years ago the Clinical Institute for Advanced Training of Physicians, whose very name reflected its clinical orientation, started its activity. The major objectives were defined by the first Chairman of the Board Full Professor Levyts’kyi as follows: “training of physicians in theoretical and applied medicine, knowledge acquisition and refreshment. To achieve those objectives periodic repetitive courses in all specialties are arranged which at the same time contribute to professional medical care of the vast masses of population in Kyiv and its outskirts…” (the Central State Archive of the Superior Authorities and Administration of Ukraine. Fund 166, case № 421, p.90, 1921-1922).

It is necessary to give the founder's of the Institute due as they posed such objectives having at their disposal only one polyclinic for domiciliary aid and an out-patient department where in 1918 were opened a chemist's and a chemical and bacteriological laboratory. In those conditions the Institute initiated origin of the system of postgraduate training of physicians in Ukraine.

In the beginning the educational work at the Institute comprised practical activity of the trainees at medical institutions and lecture attendance in the evenings; regular studies at the Institute started at the autumn term of 1920 when first 117 physicians became the trainees of “the new repetitive courses”. That period concurred with the beginning of higher school reconstruction in Ukraine, consequently in February 1921 the Institute was passed from the People’s Commissariat for Health into the authority of Ukrainian Central Department of Education, in particular Kyiv Hubernia (Governmental) Department of Education, and it was directly presided by the newly-elected Board of administration and Council which were the first to develop the general plan of academic activity of the Institute.

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