Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education Brighton

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher, the University of Brighton’s School of Education can provide you with both an excellent academic qualification and varied, valuable teaching experience on which to build a fulfilling teaching career.

We’re one of the largest teacher training institutions in the UK, with over 100 years of experience and an outstanding national reputation for training confident, well-equipped teachers. Explore your options for training to be a teacher with us according to what qualifications you already have:

Complete a BA(Hons) with QTS in three (or four) years

If you don’t have a university degree you can complete a BA(Hons) with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). These are three (or four) year courses that include practical teaching placements each year.

We offer BA(Hons) with QTS that qualify you to teach primary school, and to teach mathematics, chemistry and physical education in secondary school.

Do an undergraduate degree related to the subject area you want to teach in

Instead of doing a BA with qualified teacher status (QTS), you could do an undergraduate degree in either education, or in a subject you think you might like to teach. You could then do a one-year postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) to get your QTS.

Study through the Troops to Teachers programme

If you are in the Armed Forces, or have left in the last two years, you could be eligible to apply for the two-year Troops to Teachers programme.

Complete a PGCE through the University of Brighton in one year

If you already have a university degree you can complete a one-year postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE). You will spend two-thirds of your year teaching in schools on this highly intensive course.

You can do a PGCE to teach a specific subject in secondary schools or to teach in primary schools or in further education and training settings.

Depending on which subject you want to teach, you could qualify for a bursary from the government. PGCE students are also eligible for funding that other postgraduate students do not usually qualify for.

Complete a PGCE or gain your QTS through the School Direct programme

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Popular Q&A

Where will a 'Postgraduate Certificate in Education' allow you to teach (UK)?

I really know nothing about this, but Birmingham Conservatoire of Music that I want to go to has a 4 year course that I want to take. But, if I take a five year course, there is an integrated PGCE. All I want to know is, where will it allow me to teach? Secondary schools? Or will it allow me to teach in a college? If not, what qualification would I need to teach in a college?
Thanks. (:

Technically a PGCE will allow you to teach any age and any subject regardless of what you train in. However I'd guess that the integrated PGCE will enable you to be a secondary school music teacher. Primary PGCE's enable you to teach all subjects at Primary level. Secondary PGCE's you have to choose a specialist subject (usually the subject of your degree). Further Ed requires a PGCftE. Give the music department a buzz and get them to clarify exactly what PGCE it is.
For further ed take a look at the GTTR ( - it's UCAS but for PGCE's. A quick look shows that Birmingham City University …

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