Postgraduate Certificate Medical Education Bedford

Associate Dean (Curriculum) BHPMS MA (Ed), BSc (Hons) FHEA

Clare Morris

I joined the medical school in September 2005 with a remit to develop a contemporary Masters level programme in Medical Education and to support the development of the medical school’s academic portfolio at the University of Bedfordshire.

I have been actively involved in Clinical Education and educational development for the past 15 years. I came to the University of Bedfordshire from Imperial College London, where I had worked for five years developing and delivering a vibrant programme of educational development activity for medical academic and clinical staff engaged in undergraduate medical training.

During this time I acted as academic lead for the College’s Teaching Research Grant Scheme.

I originally trained as a Speech and Language Therapist and practiced as a clinician in Glasgow before moving to London to take up an academic post at City University. At City I began to develop my longstanding interest in the ways in which we train individuals for professional activity in health.

This led to my appointment as Director of Clinical Education at City, working with academic and clinical staff to develop new ways of teaching and working with students and trainees.

I completed my MA in Higher and Professional Education at the Institute of Education, London in 1996 and am currently working towards completing my EdD at the same Institution, where my research focuses on workplace based learning and faculty development in medicine.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges involved in the setting up of a new postgraduate medical school and seeing our first ‘students’ graduate.

It is a real pleasure to work with such a wonderful group of individuals, who bring experience from medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, midwifery and allied health from the NHS, from Higher Education Institutions, from the Deaneries, from the Royal Colleges and from the Independent sector.

I am delighted too, to be able to take forward the leadership of East of England Deanery’s Trainer Development Programme and to support fellow medical educators across the region.

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Where will a 'Postgraduate Certificate in Education' allow you to teach (UK)?

I really know nothing about this, but Birmingham Conservatoire of Music that I want to go to has a 4 year course that I want to take. But, if I take a five year course, there is an integrated PGCE. All I want to know is, where will it allow me to teach? Secondary schools? Or will it allow me to teach in a college? If not, what qualification would I need to teach in a college?
Thanks. (:

Technically a PGCE will allow you to teach any age and any subject regardless of what you train in. However I'd guess that the integrated PGCE will enable you to be a secondary school music teacher. Primary PGCE's enable you to teach all subjects at Primary level. Secondary PGCE's you have to choose a specialist subject (usually the subject of your degree). Further Ed requires a PGCftE. Give the music department a buzz and get them to clarify exactly what PGCE it is.
For further ed take a look at the GTTR ( - it's UCAS but for PGCE's. A quick look shows that Birmingham City University …

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