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Postgraduate Medical Education in Bulgaria

The requirements of getting into Post graduate medical school or specialisation in medical university in Bulgaria depends on the speciality and the origin of international student.

To speak Bulgarian language: the medium of study for all post graduate medical studies in Bulgaria is Bulgarian. Those who do not speak Bulgaria can be admitted on condition that they will first follow 6 to moths of Bulgarian preparatory course. Note that European students must pass exam in Bulgarian langue with Bulgarian students.

University medical diploma: In Bulgaria and in most of European countries, the duration of university studies of General and dentistry is 6 years, for pharmacy is 5 years. So to get into postgraduate study (specialisation or PhD) related to medicine or dentistry, the students must have accomplished successfully 6 years. For specialisation related to Pharmacy, the student must have a diploma of 5 years.
For those who have not accomplished 6 or 5 years, the can be admitted not for specialisation, but eventually, for following undergraduate study in order to reach the Bulgarian lever of university study. End then after that he can start the specialisation.
To pass the entrance exam or by application file selection: all students from European economic area wishing to undergo medical postgraduate study in Bulgaria, must seat for competitive selection exam in Bulgarian language. No-European candidates are admitted based on their application file contain.

Finance support: International students must be able to finance their study in Bulgaria. For European students, they do not pay any university tuition fee. Non European students must pay tuition varying from 3800 to 7000 Euros/ year depending on speciality and university.

Required documents:
• Copy of High school diploma and university diploma (5 or years accordingly);
• Copy of University academic records (marks) and high school results;
• Copy of Birth certificate;
• Copy of passport;
• Copy of Medical certificate;
• Pictures (3/4 format);

All those documents must be in Bulgarian, otherwise, they must be translated in Bulgarian. In case of translated document, the must be accompanied by the simple copies of original documents. Some universities may accept documents in English and French.
Note that for most university, the copies of those documents must be certified by the Ministry of external affairs of the issuing country and by the Romanian Diplomatic Mission in respective country

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